Cutting Board

This kitchen cutting board is made from a single slab of Hard Maple (Acer saccharum)—commonly known as Sugar Maple or Rock Maple. The renewable finish is a mixture of pure beeswax and food grade mineral oil. Hard Maple is non-toxic and essentially odorless—the ideal wood for cutting boards and butcher’s blocks.

Cleaning and Care:

Wipe clean with a damp cloth after use, using soap if necessary. Dry immediately. Avoid immersion, abrasive pads or scrubbing.
Maintain the finish to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture and to help keep the board stable. For lightly used boards, freshen the finish twice a year. For more heavily used boards, finish should be applied as necessary (as often as weekly).

To Finish:

apply a film of beeswax/mineral oil mixture, like Mozark Board Paste, and allow it to penetrate briefly. Pay particular attention to end-grain and areas that appear dry. Continue to treat these areas until saturated – the board cannot absorb too much finish. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Because of the beeswax, the board may be buffed to a low sheen after approximately 15 minutes. Use a soft folded cloth and add more finish to dry areas.

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Material: Maple
Depth: All boards are 1 ¾” thick
Nine Inch: 8 ½–9 ¼ x 21 ½”
Ten Inch: 9 ½–10 ¼ x 22 ½”
Twelve Inch: 11 ½–12 ½ x 23 ½”
Shipping not included
Sales tax where applicable